Total Whitening Bundle

$ 89.95 $ 118.95


Unlock the secret to the whitest smile possible!  As soon as you try our SmartClean you won’t be able to go back to a manual brush ever again.  The SmartClean uses its sonic vibrations to create micro-bubbles in your mouth to reach between teeth and massage your gums.  5 mode settings, a 2-minute zone reminder and extra long battery life just add to the reasons this brush is the best.

Add the Ollie Fresh Mint toothpaste to your daily routine!  Packed with fluoride, hydroxyapatite and xylitol, this toothpaste has the triple threat against cavities and will whiten your teeth.

Ollie Whitening Strips are the easiest way to brighten your smile.  Our safe, natural and anti-sensitivity formula makes teeth whitening simple, painless and effective!  The Transformation Kit comes with 12 treatments and a shade guide.  Make note of your teeth color before you start and compare it 12 days later to see the difference!

Last but certainly not least, we offer 3 types of floss so you can decide what works best for you!  

The Total Whitening Bundle comes with:

1 SmartClean Sonic Toothbrush
1 Ollie Transformation Kit
1 4oz tube of Ollie Fresh Mint toothpaste
1 box of Ollie Silk Floss
1 bag of Ollie Standard Floss Picks
1 bag of Ollie Tension Floss Picks

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