How Should a Bikini Fit?


We shout about making sure you wear the right bra size all the time, but having properly fitting bikinis is equally as important. 

Bikinis should fit as perfectly as your fave bra and knickers do. Knowing how a bikini should fit will ensure you feel and look your most fabulous when it comes to strutting your stuff in your fave two-piece. 

Unlike lingerie, when we wear bikinis, we aren’t usually wearing much else (apart from maybe some gorgeous beachwear), so it is even more important to heed our tips for a beautifully fitting bikini…


A bikini should fit like lingerie, which is why our bikinis are sold as separates. This way you can easily get the right bikini top and bottoms for you - none of that one dress size for both pieces!

All of our underwired bikini tops come in bra sizes, ensuring you can get the right fit and support.

If you’re unsure of what size you are and are in need of a new swimwear wardrobe, then take a look at our how to measure your bra size guide, or book a bra fitting with one of our experts in-store. 

Once you know your size, you will be able to buy all the perfectly fitting bras and bikinis!

Ibiza Bikini Set

Underwire bikinis are great if you prefer some lift and extra support from your bikini. If you also have a fuller bust, it can be a lot comfier choosing an underwired style due to the extra support they offer.

Our new fave underwire bikini style is the super sexy Ibiza halter neck bikini top, which comes in some gorj colours! 


Just like a bra, there are certain things to look out for when checking if a bikini top fits as it should. 

Not all bikini tops will fit the same, as they are not all going to offer the same amount of support and coverage. 

There are a few ways to make sure you’re getting the most support from your bikini top:

•    Make sure the straps fit snugly – if they fall off easily, you won’t be supported!
•    If the straps feel too tight and dig in, it might be a sign you need to size up
•    If your halter neck bikini is giving you neck ache, it’s either tied too tight, or it might be on the small side
•    Make sure the band fits snugly against your back (this is where most of the support comes from!)

Corfu and Sierra Bikinis

Whether you go for a classic triangle bikini like our Corfu triangle bikini top, or a crop bikini like the Sierra leopard top, you should always feel comfy, supported and fabulous if the bikini top fits right!


It’s not all about the top, though! Gone are the days of just the classic bikini briefs – now there are plenty of bikini bottom styles to choose from.

You should think about how you want your bikini bottom to fit when considering what style to go for.

If you feel comfier with more coverage, then high waisted bikini bottoms will be the best choice!

Rio Bikini

If you are all about minimal tan lines, then thong bikini bottoms like our fabulous Rio ruched thong bikini will be your new fave.

Generally, your bikini bottom size should be the same as whatever knicker size you usually go for.

When it comes to bikini shopping this summer, make sure to get styles and fits you feel your most confident in. Knowing your bra size is the first step to getting the best fitting bikinis - trust us! 

Share your fave Boux bikinis with us over on Insta using #myboux so we can see how amazing you all look! 

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