Self-serving quick turnaround multi-lingual concept tests

What we achieved

  •    Need

Unilever approached QuMind with the need to run ad hoc quick turnaround multi-lingual concept testing.

  •    Approach

Our solution; QuMind self-serve surveys with concept testing templates to help standardise and automate survey setup and reporting. Unilever were then able to self-serve target their required online audiences via the global panel tools QuMind provide within the very same platform.

  •    Outcome

Unilever were able to gather consumer insights in a cost effective, quick and agile manner with QuMind's end-to-end self-serve tool kits.

"We needed to move fast and QuMind's platform enabled us to do so. The automations saved us a lot of time in setup and reporting. This tool was a game changer for us."


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