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How we helped Tulip

  •    Need

We were commissioned to investigate ways to reduce the operational cost of the ham curing process.

  •    Approach

In our approach we sought to find out what consumers knew about cured ham and the curing process and the messages they find most appealing about the product e.g. cured on the bone. In addition, we helped clarify which message combinations were likely to drive a purchase most efficiently.

  •    Outcome

The research helped the client to advise its key retail client on whether the advanced curing method was appealing to customers, or whether it had no impact and, therefore, could reduce operational costs by following a more cost-effective curing process.

"QuMind's expertise enabled us to decide which attributes were the most likely to drive purchase at the market price and which we could take out without affecting sales, thus significantly improving our margins."

Head of Insight - Tulip Ltd

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